What is CBD hemp flower price per pound in 2021?

Hemp flowers contain thousands of nutritions and the benefits of using CBD hemp flowers are endless. From removing the stress to curing deadly cancers, hemp flowers proved as the best medicine ever. Because of the advantages of hemp flowers, they now it is high in demand in many regions. As a result, the CBD hemp flower price is various; that totally depends on the hemp quality and the producer. 

Today we are gonna talk about one of the best hemp flower sellers Dr. Strains CBD. The seller offers high-quality hemp flowers at very reasonable rates that rare to see in any other place. By just paying around $350 Cbd hemp flower price per pound you get the best deal. Also, you get a wide range of hemp flowers at cheap rates if you choose Dr. Strains for hemp flowers.

Let’s find out all available hemp flower prices today and their weight that you can get at affordable rates.

CBD Hemp Flower Price Per Pound in 2021

When you visit the Dr. Strains official website you mostly see the hemp flowers in oz. Oz is a widely used weight measurement and that’s the reason why Dr. Strains have this too. In 1 pound there is 16 Oz and we have done all calculations of Hemp flower prices in pounds for you. Here are all the best and affordable hemp flower prices that are worth your money.

  • CB Dawg Hemp Flower

CB Dawg Hemp Flower has an OG type of aroma that I personally like. Also, it’s not that costly hemp price per pound so almost everyone can enjoy it. You just have to pay $18.49 to buy ¼ oz of CB Dawg Hemp Flower. Also a pack of ½ oz CB Dawg Hemp Flower is available at just $29.49. As per the calculation, CB Dawg Hemp Flower pierces per pound will cost around $943.68 today.

  • CBD Moon Rock Asteroids

Dr. Strains offers CBD Moon Rock Asteroids between $40.99 per ½ oz and $21.49 per ¼ oz. You can see that when you buy ½ oz you will save almost $2 which also additional savings. CBD Moon Rock Asteroids will cost around $1535.68 per pound which is one of the premium Hemp prices today. Click on the below offers to save on CBD Moon Rock Asteroids.

  • Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower

Cherry blossom hemp flower price per pound costs $14.99 for ½ oz. This means it will cost around $479.68 to get 1 pound Cherry blossom hemp flowers. ½ oz equals to 14 grams that are unmatched hemp flowers prices you may get anywhere else. Click below offer to save 50% on Cherry blossom hemp flowers and increase your saving.

  • Crawford CBG

Crawford CBG costs $20.99 per ¼ oz, $36.49 per ½ oz, and $67.99 per 1 oz. The higher packaging of hemp flowers you purchase the better you get the savings. Crawford CBG hemp price per pound will cost $1087.84 which is definitely worth it to get a deal.

  • Elektra Hemp Flower

Elektra Hemp Flower has a smooth sweet and smoky taste that is worth tasting once in life. It has a variant of packaging available ¼ oz, ½ oz, and 1 oz that costs $18.49, $29.99, $50.99. You can clearly see that purchasing 1 oz packaging Hemp Flowers will increase your savings. Also using our Dr. Strains Coupons you can increase sayings on Hemp flower price per pound. So, hurry and make a purchase of Elektra Hemp Flower by the below link.

All Available CBD Hemp Flower Price Per Pound in 2021 at Dr. Strains

Hemp Flowers

Price Per Oz

 Per Pound


Elektra Hemp Flower $50.99 for 1 Oz $815.84 Yes
Crawford CBG $67.99 for 1 Oz $1087.84 Yes
CBG Infused Special Sauce Hemp Flower $59.99 for 1 Oz $959.84 No
Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower $14.99 for ½ Oz $479.68 Yes
Illinois Suver Haze Hemp Flower $18.99 for ½ Oz $607.68 Yes
CBD Moon Rock Asteroids $40.99 for ½ oz $1535.68 Yes
West Slop Kush $11.25 for ½ oz $360 Yes
Sour Space Candy Small $6.99 for ½ oz $223.68 Yes
OG Kush Hemp Flower $19.99 for ½ oz $639.68 Yes
El Jefe Indoor CBD Flower $15.99 for ½ oz $511.68 Yes
Sour Apple CBD Flower $14.99 for ½ Oz $479.68 Yes
Hemp Press CBD Flower $9.99 for ½ Oz $319.68 Yes
Lifter Smalls  $6.99 for ½ Oz $223.68 Yes
Hawaiian Haze Smalls $6.99 for ½ Oz $223.68 Yes
CB Dawg Hemp Flower $29.49 for ½ Oz $943.68 Yes
Bubba Kush Hemp Flower $59.99 for 1 Oz $959.84 Yes

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