What are Diamond Extracts?

Diamond extracts, which are commonly referred to as THC diamonds or THCA diamonds, are one of the hottest ways of getting your THC on the market these days in legal markets. This is a unique form of marijuana that has really taken the world by storm. Why is this? It is a more substantial form of THC, it gives even bigger and better effects from THC, and many people are absolutely enthralled with the look of these.

These do appear to be like their namesakes “diamonds”. They can be small like the size of a granule of sugar, to the larger ones that appear to be more the size of a diamond that would be in a ring setting. For many, they are visually appealing and for that reason, they try them out. And once they try them out they wonder about how long they have been missing out!

Diamond extracts have a more pure form of THC. Consider this, the average marijuana cigarette is going to have around 20% to 40% of THC in this. Now, the diamond extracts that you can use have around 90% to 100% of THC in them. The amount of THC is just that much more, meaning that you are going to get more effects from using this. In addition, it takes less of the diamonds to get the effects when compared to other methods of using marijuana.

Ways they can be used

What makes diamond extracts stand out, even more, is that there are numerous ways in which diamonds can be used. That is what makes these diamond extracts even more unique to the market. You can use any method that heats these diamonds to at least 350 degrees to help liquefy the THC to smoke. For many people they use portable vape pens, as they can do this on the go with just the press of a finger. Other people use dabbing for diamond extracts. The choice is really up to you and what you feel most comfortable with using.


When we talk about the effects of diamond extracts being even more effectual, it is due to the strength that these effects are coming out. For those who have never used diamond extracts before, they will want to start out slow so that they are not overdoing it. 

Many people find that just one to two hits off of diamond extracts give the same effect as if you were to smoke an entire marijuana cigarette. When you combine the speedy effectiveness in which this delivers the THC and the different types of diamond extracts out there, then you can find a strand that is going to give you the desired effects. Whether this is to simply get high, to help with anxiety or even to give you a higher level of concentration.

For those who are looking for quality diamond extracts, they will find that there are many companies online that have a large line of diamond extracts to choose from. For those who are just beginning, this can be a great place to start to see if diamond extracts are for you.

HCFSE Diamonds

So what are HCFSE Diamonds you may be asking? HCFSE (High Carbon Fibre Diamonds) are diamond-like gems that were extracted from cannabis plants. The process that they are made through will not affect their properties in any way and what makes them so special is that they will offer a gemstone with all of the same properties of a diamond but at half the weight. When you weigh in HCFSE diamonds, you are essentially getting a diamond with all of the same brilliance as diamonds, without having to go through all of that weight.

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