The Process of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Online

Online medical marijuana resources can be incredibly beneficial for many people. If you’re looking into getting a medical marijuana card online, however, you might wonder exactly how the process will go, including how easy or difficult it may be to get your card. An online medical marijuana resource can help you do it in the easiest way. This is the four-step process to getting your medical marijuana card through an online resource.

Step 1: Submit Your Information

You will need some information before you get started with this process. The doctor that you connect with won’t make the primary diagnosis for you; you should already have a diagnosis of a qualifying condition from your primary care physician to move forward. You’ll submit information including your location, your qualifying condition, and your basic personal information. Ideally, you should have copies of your records from your primary care physician, although you may also be able to sign a consent form instead.

Step 2: Match Up With a Provider

The online medical marijuana resource that you use should match you up with a provider that specializes in helping people in your situation. If you’re looking to use medical marijuana to manage PTSD, you’re going to need different information than if you’re looking to use medical marijuana to manage cancer. Make sure you provide the most accurate information possible to match up with the best provider.

Step 3: See a Doctor and Talk About the Usefulness of Medical Marijuana for Your Condition

Next, you’ll see a doctor and talk about whether or not medical marijuana might be a good option for your condition. In most states, you’re able to use video chat or a phone call to do this consultation, although in some states you may need to visit the doctor in person. If you have to visit in person, the online medical marijuana service should help you arrange that visit. Remember, although the doctor isn’t obligated to give you a recommendation, you’re both on the same side, and your doctor wants the best for you.

Step 4: Submit Your Recommendation to the State and Receive Your Card

Once you have the recommendation from the doctor, you can submit it to the state. From there, you’ll receive your medical marijuana card. Typically, the state will issue you a temporary medical marijuana card to use while you wait for your physical one to come in the mail. However, not all dispensaries will accept temporary medical marijuana cards, so if you want to use it, you should call around to see who will.


Despite what some detractors may say, an online medical marijuana resource is not just a way to pay your way to a medical marijuana card. It’s a thoughtful and patient-focused way to get medical marijuana to people who may need it, but whose primary care physicians don’t provide marijuana recommendations for whatever reason. This simple process allows patients who need medical marijuana access to it.

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