The Dos & Don’ts of CBD Boxes & Packaging

CBD has become the buzzword out there and it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a booming industry. The popularity of people using CBD-infused products keeps increasing which has led to the popularity of such CBD product manufacturing. For this reason, the CBD retailers have worked on developing new as well as improved formulations. So, if you have started in the CBD industry and have established a brand, it’s essential for you to improve customer retention and acquisition for earning a top-rated identity. 

For this reason, CBD packaging is an effective platform for marketing, branding, and communicating with consumers. If the packaging is printed and designed with wisdom, you will see how it’s going to impact your brand sales. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that CBD boxes have the capacity to intrigue the customers to explore your brand. With this packaging, the brands can showcase their wide range of products in the packaging for improving the compelling factor. 

What we don’t think is that CBD boxes are that they can educate the new customers regarding the perks and benefits of using CBD products. It’s safe to say that custom packaging can sway away casual customers into noticing your special products. So, while you are getting the custom packaging for the CBD products, there are multiple mistakes that can be made but you can consider some essential factors for creating the CBD packaging that entices the customers, so let’s have a look at them!

Dos of Choosing the CBD Packaging 

In-Depth Evaluation 

When you are trying to buy CBD packaging, it’s needless to say that the majority of brands look for stock but that’s not all that needs to be done. This is because whenever you buy the packaging stock for designing and manufacturing the boxes, it’s essential to conduct an in-depth evaluation. This is because evaluation will ensure that the packaging isn’t only durable but resilient as well. For this purpose, the brands can ask the packaging brands about different material options. 

Secondly, if you are new to packaging and haven’t done it before, it’s important that you explore different types, such as bux board, cardboard, corrugated material, and kraft. To begin with, kraft is the right choice for brands believing in biodegradability because it’s easy to recycle and is chemical-free and lightweight. In case you want to glam up the packaging with colors, cardstock is suitable. The only thing to stick by is asking for details about durability, flexibility, and thickness of different materials. 

Design Details

While designing the packaging, it’s needless to say that paying attention to the design details is extremely crucial. This is because, with CBD packaging, it’s important to use creative graphics with captivating imagery, font styles, and color schemes because it complements these products. The vibrancy and captivating artwork show that the CBD products are delicious. Also, we suggest that you ditch the text and switch to high-definition graphics to describe different features of the products. 


Inclusion of Branding Essentials

Whenever you are curating the CBD packaging, the brands need to add the logo, website address, tagline, and social media page handles on the boxes. This is because having the business credentials in front of the customers will enhance connectivity with the customers, hence engaging customer-brand relationships. In addition, when customers connect with your brand, providing information about new products and general marketing will be easier. 

Informative & Descriptive Packaging 

When you are designing the packaging, it must allow the customers to choose the products after gaining information about the potential side effects, formulation, and usage. In addition, it’s suggested to use the boxes for merchandising purposes because it helps make well-informed decisions. Moreover, the informative and descriptive packaging will ensure that your brand can be depended upon and the merchandise linking can be created. 

For this purpose, you can add information, such as expiration date, suggested frequency of usage, and net weight must be added to the packaging. Some brands add the detailed manual of the product for providing instructions, so that’s a greater idea as well. 

User-Friendly Boxes 

In case you are preferring the packaging style for your CBD products, you need to consider the user convenience and user-friendliness. It doesn’t matter how much you deny the fact but hard to open and close packaging can be challenging for the users to take out and use the CBD products. For this reason, the brands should consult with the packaging companies about user-friendly packaging styles, such as sleeve boxes, straight tucks, and flaps. 

Some top-notch brands also want die-cut boxes and it’s pretty good since it eases the product storage and consumption for the users. Keep in mind that offering simple packaging will enhance your business reputation and customers will think that you care about their comfort and needs. 

Purposeful & Smart Packaging 

Whenever you choose CBD packaging by WCB, keep in mind that it must be beneficial for the customer base. In simpler words, don’t make the customers throw away the packaging and you must provide a reason to stock up on the packaging. An added point is that the CBD products must be stored in boxes for protecting them from severe weather and shock. 

Give Size Specifications 

If you are customizing the CBD packaging, the packaging company must be notified about the size specifications of different containers and boxes. This is because the extremely big or small boxes can impact the efficiency and texture of the CBD products, such as tinctures and oils. It’s best if you provide specifications that fit the products and help create sustainable storage on the store’s shelves. Also, you can add protective inserts to reduce the chances of protection and spillage. 

Don’t of Choosing the CBD Packaging 

We have mentioned multiple dos to consider while designing the CBD packaging but there is some don’ts that cannot be neglected, such as.

  • Don’t opt for an immature or an inexperienced packaging brand 
  • Don’t choose the boring or bland layout for packaging 
  • Don’t select the outdated customization and style for CBD packaging 
  • Don’t use the same packaging for years (it gets boring)

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