Top Reasons to Grind your Bud Before Smoking

There are many ways to use weed and smoking is one of the most popular methods. Whether you are using a vaping device or rolling paper, a well-ground bud is a key to smooth smoking. You can also use your hands to ground the bud into small pieces. But it will still be lumpy and coarse, and you can imagine how difficult it is to roll a joint with uneven bud pieces. 

Grinding buds can convert them into fine pieces that are uniform. It will make rolling a joint an easy job. Grinding your bud before smoking has many benefits. If you don’t have a weed grinder, there are other effective ways to grind weed. 

Grinding Weed Buds Before Smoking 

A weed grinder is a device that helps in breaking the cannabis bud into fine pieces. Evenly ground bud bits make it easy for the users to roll a joint and smoke. 

Raw weed is known as bud or flower and by many other names. It is the smokable part of the cannabis plant and you can buy cheap buds in Canada. Make sure that you always buy top-quality weed. If you are looking for a bud bargain, look for sellers offering weed at lower prices without compromising on the quality. 

Grinding Saves Time 

Grinding the bud can save a lot of time for you. Whether you are rolling a joint or using a vaping device, evenly ground bud bits are easy to use. You will save time by grinding the bud in a grinder. It will take a few minutes or less than that. Your bud is now ready to be rolled and smoked. If you are pressed for time, using a weed grinder will save a lot of time for you. 

Many people use their hands to grind the bud, which is effective but it will take a lot of time. You have to break them into small pieces and then make sure that they are all uniform in size. You can mentally calculate how much time it will take. 

By grinding the bud pieces, you can quickly roll the joint and smoke without any hassle. You don’t even have to adjust the ground bits to roll a joint as they are even in size. 

Slow the Burn with Even Bud Bits 

Evenly ground bud bits are easier to roll and you can roll them tighter. Tighter roll means slower burn. This means you will be enjoying your smoke for a little longer than expected. Using a grinder helps in making the pieces small and even. This helps in rolling a joint more effectively. In fact, you can make it look like a store-bought joint. 

Evenly ground bud bits are easy to use and when they are rolled into a joint, they burn at a slower rate as they are so tightly bound. The same effect can be achieved when using ground buds with a pipe or bowl. 

Keep the Good Stuff Intact 

The trichomes that come with the flower or bud are the most potent part of the cannabis plant. This is where you will find CBD and THC in abundance. When you grind the raw bud with your hands, the trichomes can stick to your hand, which means your joint will have fewer trichomes. This will affect the potency of the joint. You can avoid this by grinding the bud in a weed grinder and use the entire content in your joint. This way, you can increase or at least maintain the potency of your weed. 

Little Waste, More Use 

When you use a grinder to grind your bud, the waste is minimized. When you use your hands, some of the buds will stick to your hand or fall off. Put all the bud product on the grinder and then pour the entire content on the rolling paper. This way, you can avoid wasting your weed. You will save money on your weed by using it efficiently. Little waste can go a long way in ensuring you enjoy more weed. 

Don’t have a Grinder? Use the Alternatives 

There are many types of weed grinders you can buy online along with cheap buds in Canada. But if you don’t have a proper weed grinder, you can still get evenly ground bud bits using the alternatives available in your house. 

  • Use a Pill Bottle & Coin 

Put your weed in a pill bottle, but make sure you leave space for it to move when you shake it. Use the coin in the bottle for better results. Close the cap tightly and shake the bottle for a couple of minutes. You evenly ground weed bits that are ready for use. 

  • Use Cheese Grater 

Cheese grater can help you get finely ground weed for your joints. Use it to ground weed the same way you would use it to grate cheese. Make sure you have something below the grater to catch the bits. The cheese grater will make the bud pieces smaller and even sized. 

The Bottomline

For the best results, always grind your bud to make it even and fine bits. When you roll a joint, it will be easier to do so and you will enjoy your smoke better. You can buy cheap buds in Canada that are high in quality and authentic. Get a proper grinder to grind your cheap buds or use alternatives like a cheese grater.

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