What is marijuana shake, and why is it known as marijuana shake?

Whenever you hear the shake, a glass of flavored shakes probably pops in mind, right?

But have you ever heard of the marijuana shake?

Ohh, no, we are not talking about putting the marijuana flowers in the milk and then grinding it!

If that is what you thought, you are wrong.

Okay, let us consider this scenario.

Have you ever brought cannabis from the dispensaries and wondered why it is just half, and the rest is just scrap or dust?

And in such a case, you just smoke the good buds, and then you are left with the scraps only left at the bottom of the bag!

While it is not what you were waiting for, it is nothing like it won’t get you ripped.

This less than perfect scrap is known as shakes.

It is basically the leftover from the marijuana bud.

Well, you have got an idea, but what exactly is this? What is shake weed.?

Let us get acquainted with everything you need to know about it, created by the My MMJ Doctor experts.

But starting with the definitions!

What is a marijuana shake?

Marijuana shake comprises small pieces of cannabis flower that are broken off the complete flower bud.

It can be found at the bottom of marijuana dispensary jars filled with flower buds.

Or in the bags that hold the purchased cannabis flower buds.

And if you think that the leftover stuff or the shake has a lesser quality, well, there could be an error in the judgment.

Though these cannot be compared to the top-tier cannabis flower buds, marijuana shakes still have a decent cannabinoid profile, especially when you buy them from a high-quality dispensary.

Since it has nothing to do with the actual shake-like product, what is it called so?

Why is it known as a marijuana shake?

It has got the name marijuana shake because it is the outcome or leftover stuff of a jar or a bag filled with the cannabis flower buds being moved, shaken, or bumped.

And when this happens, the flower bud pieces break off, and those broken pieces make a shake.

Which part of the cannabis plant does the shake come from?

You walk into a licensed marijuana dispensary and see so many jars filled with huge marijuana buds, right. And depending upon the experience you are looking for and the effects you want to experience, you choose particular flower buds.

Well, those buds are where the shake weed comes from.

Shake is created by the handling of jars or bags of flower buds.

When the marijuana flower buds are jostled, and the pieces of the bud fall off, those pieces are shaken.

Well, probably you might think that it is just leftover stuff.

But nope!

These are also sold and purchased separately, and not only this, but they have different pros and cons.

Let us understand it that way.

Pros of smoking and purchasing marijuana shake

  • Shake can be mild

As the shake is not generally from a single strain only, it is more likely to be stored a bit longer than the flowers. It can even have lower THC levels that provide cannabis consumers a less psychoactive experience.

  • Shake is versatile

Since shake is adequate for rolling, it can also be utilized to make your own edibles. You can even use it to make your own Cannabutter. But be assured of the strain and its potency levels.

  • Shake is budget-friendly

Obviously, it is easier on the pockets too.

Cons of smoking and purchasing marijuana shake

  • The strain can vary in shakes
  • Shakes can dry out quickly
  • Several shakes may include stems and leaves

Where can you get the marijuana to shake?

The best shake can be found at the licensed medical marijuana dispensaries. However, if you are curious about learning more about the marijuana shakes, get in touch with medical marijuana experts.

How to consume cannabis shake?

There are many ways for cannabis shake consumption. However, a few of them include:

  • Roll blunts and joints
  • Make cannabis tea
  • Make homemade cannabis tinctures
  • Make homemade cannabis edibles
  • Smoke shake bowls

Using cannabis shake to roll blunts and joints

If you have a bunch of marijuana shake on the deck, you can use them to twist up the blunts and joints. Since the shake contains the same terpenes and cannabinoids as a fully structured flower, rolling it up will help you get the same effect.

Using shake to make weed tea

Making weed tea from the marijuana shake is always a great move. You can easily make weed tea and enjoy the medicine with a taste.

Using marijuana shake to make tinctures

Marijuana shakes can even be used to make cannabis tinctures. It’s basically an alcohol-based liquid version.

Using marijuana shake to make edibles

Edibles are the safest and yummiest way of cannabis consumption. You can choose to use marijuana shake to make candies or baked stuff, keeping the medicine sweet and tasty.

Using marijuana shake to smoke a bowl

Toss the marijuana shake into a bowl and get high. It’s basically a vaporized way of consuming marijuana.


If you don’t want to smoke the leftover stuff like marijuana shake, you can still have it in a super-amazing way. You can add it to your hot beverage and unlock some potent effects of CBD!

Bottom Line!

Marijuana shake has always been considered a low potency way of consumption or often seen as leftover stuff. But this can actually give the therapeutic effects of marijuana. Try the various methods mentioned above and utilize every inch of your medicine.

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