How to Get Your CBD Ads Approved On Facebook & Instagram

If you don’t know already, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) of America has approved the use of CBD in 2018 for treating two rare types of childhood epilepsy. Due to its medical utilities, CBD now has high cravings in the medical industry and the market related to medical industries.

The industry now has a great opportunity for new companies to get into the CBD hemp business. In addition, the CBD companies now can get their brands approved on prominent social media platforms like Facebook & Instagram.

But there have been multiple incidents regarding Facebook constantly rejecting ads from different brands even though the brands comply with all their policies. The same case is with Instagram regarding the scammer policies.

But it is still possible, and it requires some hard efforts on the part of the brand that is trying to get themselves promoted.

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is currently a prevalent medical component found in the cannabis or hemp plant that belongs to the marijuana family.

There are hundreds of other components available in the hemp plant. Still, CBD is so potent in curing the symptoms of certain diseases that it has become the current industry favorite and is now under the massive scale of production.

Approve CBD Ads On Facebook & Instagram

Here are a few steps to get CBD ads approved on Facebook, Instagram, and other such social media platforms.

Segment Your eCommerce Site

Facebook often does not follow its policies. It often denies its own officially stated CBD advertisement policies. As a result, these CBD topical product ads initially get rejected by the bots.

The solution to this problem is filing complaints. Then, when the appeals appear to human moderators, they virtually approve the campaigns, and such incidents of removing or flagging the CBD campaign do not occur afterward.

Here is a process that might help you-

You need to create a separate eCommerce site specifically for CBD topical products. ( You can use Woocommerce or Shopify)

Create ads focused on Topicals to drive traffic on the page and submit for approval of the campaign.

If the ads get rejected, you should request manual approval after review.


This method is fully compliant with the regulations of Facebook and works without making your ads flagged and removed.

The process has the potential to drive the sales of your CBD topical products without getting the ads flagged.

The process allows the advertisers to use the word CBD waywardly when marketing topical products based on CBD. The discussions of product benefits and features become easier throughout the campaign.


When you are solely talking about CBD-based topics through ads, this narrows down the number of sales of the other products that your brand may have.

Segmenting your products in separate eCommerce sites will require extra expenses because of the back-end setup or web development.

Since other successful brands have successfully segmented their eCommerce sites for different product sales, the option remains a viable one.

Make A Complaint Landing Page

The second method is a risky one, and it requires you to create a compliant landing page for initial approval of the campaign.

Then you send the link from the page to the main website where the products are ready for sales. This method will help you increase sales and brand recognition.

But it would help if you kept checking for bots. Bots may crawl back to your campaign landing page even after it gets approved, and there is a chance that the campaign may get flagged.

Here is the process-

You need to create a campaign landing page, and it must comply with the Facebook advertising policies. You have to leave the CTA button, and you should not do that via URL.

Make the complaint ads and send them for approval.

Ask for review and manual approval if there is rejection.

Once approved, you should insert an URL to send the visitors to the buying website.


Potential to grow sales and expose the other products to the audience.

As long as the ad is on the products will get buyers.


Facebook may attack the landing page and take down the ad.

The business page on Facebook and Instagram may get deleted.

You cannot optimize the process, and the applicability may soon end.

Focus On Brand

The brand-focused campaign will limit the potential of selling CBD topicals. But the awareness of your brands and the other products will sell better. The process is here-

Create a compliant landing page on CBD and add no reference to CBD-related products.

It would help if you created ads focused on the brand to drive traffic on the page and submit for approval of the campaign.

Request for review and manual approval if the ad gets rejected.


The method complies with the Facebook policies; hence is safe for marketing. There is no fear of getting flagged.

The process potentially grows the audience for your products.

Brand awareness is an advantage of this process.


The process is less effective for marketing only CBD topical products.

CBD products do not get enough exposure.


The increasing popularity and the recent legal approval of CBD products are why so many CBD products are on the market.

The solutions above are the only workable available solutions for approving ads on Facebook and Instagram. Would you please comment on your experience implementing these processes?

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