Top 5 Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Pet

CBD is the latest thing people are using to help stress, anxiety but CBD can help your Pets too. CBD also known as Cannabidiol is a chemical compound from the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is the non-psychoactive portion of the plant, this means that the fact is true, CBD won’t get you or your Pets high. 

5 Ways CBD Benefit Your Pet That You Should’nt know Before

1 – CBD decreases pain

If your pet is having trouble with anything, and you see that they are suffering from any pain,or they are sick, it might be a good idea to give them some CBD, this way your pet can relieve the pain. If you’re wondering how CBD works, then here’s some explanation: CBD attaches itself to the pain receptors in your pets body which helps in reducing the aches. Just exactly how it works on humans. 

If you observe that your pet is not in a good mood, or he/she is having a hard time, CBD oil is going to definitely help them out. You may have heard before that CBD oil acts like a natural painkiller for dogs, which is true, a lot of studies have shown that this oil can help manage pain in many different ways. 

2 – CBD relieves stress and anxiety

Yes it’s true, CBD oil can also help your pets to release their stress and anxiety. Yup, you heard that right. Pets also have stress and anxiety too. Also, there is a chance that if your pets see you stressed out, or any other family members that they see often, they become stressful too. But you may ask, how can I recognize if my dog is stressed out or not? Well, you may observe shaking, fretfulness, being on the edge, urinating or defecating when you’re not home, also loss of appetite. 

CBD oil for pets is not only good as a painkiller, but as mentioned before, it helps anxiety and stress by dealing with the neurotransmitters that are related to anxiety and stress, which is similar to dopamine and serotonin. Giving your pets CBD oil is a decent method to remove stress and anxiety and pressure from your pets. 

3 – CBD for epilepsy 

Good thing about CBD is that surprisingly it helps smoothening the pain that epilepsy causes, for pets that suffer from epilepsy, this is an excellent treatment for them. CBD oil is often used by vets too, to reduce the pain and symptoms given by epilepsy. Vets describe epilepsy by tremors and they say that it can cause a huge level of uneasiness and trouble in pets. 

4 – Anti-inflammatory 

Anti-inflammatory effects of the CBD oil are one of the key effects why CBD is so popular today and why it is so successful. Since CBD has the ability to interact with the receptors on immune cells, these receptors are also known as CB2 receptors. When CBD activates this CB2 receptor it will elicit the immune response to a lot of situations. For example it offers a very effective and powerful immune response to fight inflammation. 

5 – Antiemetic

If you ever owned a dog before, you probably know that vomiting is not so rare when it comes to dogs. Vomiting can be a side effect of a medication or a treatment. CBD can take control and take care of vomiting. If you don’t have a clue why, well, CBD activates a receptor called 5-Ht1A. This receptor is taking care of controlling and treating anxiety. When CBD activates this receptor, it will reduce the symptoms of vomiting. Since CBD has these properties, it became better than any medication for dogs when it comes to vomiting. 

Is it safe for pets to use CBD oil? 

After all, you’re probably wondering that, is this safe for my pet? The short answer for this question is yes. Vets started recommending CBD oil, and since then CBD owns the cannabis market. Every pet owner is purchasing CBD because of it’s wonderful benefits. Our furry friends deserve CBD too. Studies confirmed too that CBD is 100% safe. These studies have been made in Colorado State University and they found out that healthy dogs love CBD. 

There were some reports about liver enzymes has decreased, but this is probably not a game changer fact. 

Not only pets but people use CBD a lot too. It helps people in their daily life. It helps with anxiety, aggression, pain, seizures, muscle spasms, also neurological disorders.

Check out what an expert said, Dr. Erin Chu, a veterinary geneticist at Embark Veterinary, studied veterinary medicine. 

  • “CBD is not for every pet. Side effects potentially due to CBD treatment have been reported (McGrath et al, 2018). Further, CBD might be just one part of a comprehensive care plan that you build with your veterinarian! Talk with your veterinarian about all the possible options to manage your pet’s ailment, be it chronic pain, behavioral issues, or other. And give your vet some time to do their research! CBD is as new to pet health as it is to humans, and we as a profession are still learning (albeit very quickly!).”

So, there is some risk obviously, but before you’re giving CBD to your pets, do more research on your pet, go to your local vet, ask your veterinarian, and make sure it’s safe for them. 

How can CBD help my dog?

Marijuana can contain up to 30% of THC which is toxic for dogs and cats too, however CBD oil which is extracted from hemp stalks, flowers and buds can’t contain more than 0,3% of THC. 

CBD will help your dog with digestive problems, anxiety and stress, seizures, pain, inflammation, arthritis and joint pain too. These are major problems for dogs, CBD is the best solution for these kinds of problems.

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