Banana muffin, apple guava, lemonade, mango, menthol; sounds yummy and exotic? If you are a fan of vape pens and pods, you may allow yourself to be seduced by different e-liquid flavors while enjoying creating your perfect vapor clouds.

The vaping community is expanding, as are the demands for better quality, design, variety of aromas, and simplicity. Needs for efficiency and innovation in vaporizers grow, so today’s market has a big mission to accomplish – to offer various products, devices, and accessories. Brands are constantly competing to provide their customers with an enjoyable and unique experience.

Puffing clouds is a relatively new trend, and this leaves plenty of room for improvement and better performance. New vapers have more options than ever, and it becomes pretty tricky to choose both the device and the flavor.

How to choose your ideal vape kit?

Let’s start with some basics. Vape pods and vape pens offer a lot of variety in size, charging duration, longevity, and vapor production. Before choosing wisely the most suitable pod system, you must decide what type of vaping you’re into.

Do you inhale the vapor directly to your lungs (DTL), or do you like to keep it in your mouth first (MTL)? You don’t like big volume vapor and prefer discreetly vaping in public? Maybe you are a traditional cigarette smoker and want to switch to vaporizers to quit smoking. You don’t prefer tobacco smoke but enjoy fruity aromas? Some pod systems are already pre-filled with one flavor but have refillable pods if you want to change your e-juice.

In addition to these guidelines, let’s not forget to pay attention to battery usage, charging time, airflow, and refill components. To make a final decision, you will need to look at the prices and choose the most affordable option for the quality you require.

To decide the best vape system option, let’s look at the top five best vape pod systems of 2021.

Boulder Rock vape system

When it comes to priorities in vape systems, vapers around the globe aim for the most straightforward, easy-to-use portable devices. That is what drives the Boulder Rock vape systems – simplicity and satisfaction.

Boulder Rock brings a minimalistic ergonomic design, and it looks pretty cool. These e-cigs will not just fit your hand nicely but will also be secure in your pockets, bags, or smaller accessories you use every day.

The power button is placed so that there is no possibility of accidentally switching the device on. It has a simple USB port which makes charging pretty easy, with a charging time of only 45 minutes and battery life between 8 and 9 hours. Refilling is always quick and clean, thanks to a simple bottle nozzle and refillable 1.5 ml cartridge. The pods can be refilled multiple times and have solid durability.

If we consider the relationship between price and quality, this vape system is a perfect match.

ePuffer XPod

The new XPod vape pod is a modern and simple device that features a 375mAh battery, USB-3 charging port, and 1.5ml cartridge capacity. They can be pre-filled with nicotine salt flavor pods but also contain three empty cartridges, so you are free to add favorite e-liquids.

Guess what? You can even enjoy vaping while the device is charging, and it only takes 40 minutes to charge. You can also check out vaporesso luxe q review to get the details of the vape products.

With the simplicity of design and lightweight, this pod can deliver outstanding performance. If you are a beginner, it can be an excellent choice for you.

WooPoo Vinci Kit

This pod system is well known for its innovative and intelligent GENE Pod Chip that helps in better tracking your vaping activity.

Powered by a 1500mAh battery, this system controls temperature and protects the coil from early burnout. Since it’s both draw-activated and manual draw, you can use this feature however you prefer. Although it’s a bit hard to fill the pods, it is essential to mention the 5ml capacity and resistance range of 0.1ohm–3.0ohm, which allows for excellent vapor production.

It’s an excellent option for experienced vapers and the latest technology freaks who want to enjoy puffing all day long.

Suorin Edge

The great breakthrough in innovation and efficiency goes to the Suorin company for making the vaping experience more reliable and long-lasting.

Except for nice looks with sharp lines and edges and a draw-activated mechanism, this device contains two batteries in one kit! Such a simple and yet such a smart solution. When one battery is out of power, simply replace it with another – this fantastic feature ensures all-day usage. The removable battery is 230mAh, and the charging time is 30 minutes.

It has an e-liquid capacity of 1.5mAh, and it’s a perfect fit if you prefer a slim, easily portable, and lightweight product. Also, make sure to check AirVape review 2021 to know more about Airvape products.

SMOK Nord Pod Vape

SMOK Nord comes with a stylish, small-sized, and almost futuristic design. It has a nice curved mouthpiece for a comfortable experience, essential when choosing your perfect device. It has a tactile on/off button and LED light that indicates battery power by changing colors.

It comes with a large and powerful 1100mAh battery, and with this long-lasting battery, recharging takes 2 hours.

The pod contains a mesh coil of 0.6-ohm that you can use for sub-ohm vaping and a 1.4-ohm regular coil if you prefer the mouth-to-lung style. This product will deliver a truly satisfying feeling if you like using MTL coils, especially nicotine salts.

As the popularity of vaping grows, we have an increasingly diverse offer of products every minute. Vape systems may come in many different shapes, sizes, and components. Some of them are bigger, while others are really small and convenient. All these characteristics can be advantages or disadvantages, and devices can be excellent but in different ways.

Vapers usually pay attention to one of the main things is coil capacity, device size, and battery life. Also, keep in mind that the prices of vape pods can vary from $10 to $50.

Once you have all of your pros and cons, you can start searching. Just remember, you should follow your intuition while experimenting. Even the best-designed, newest generation of vaporizers might not match your needs.

Don’t stick to one product but try out a bunch of them until you stumble across a fully compatible one.

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