How to Identify Bud Rot, Mold, Mildew in Cannabis Plants

Growing cannabis is an extensive process that requires time, energy, and resources. However, bud rot, mold, and mildew can occur at any stage of growth for indoor and outdoor plants.  Mold spreads at a rapid pace and can destroy healthy plants in as little as a week. To avoid such a disastrous ...

The Process of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card Online

Online medical marijuana resources can be incredibly beneficial for many people. If you’re looking into getting a medical marijuana card online, however, you might wonder exactly how the process will go, including how easy or difficult it may be to get your card. An online medical marijuana ...

Gifting weed this holiday season has become easier

Many weed enthusiasts would agree that having weed to enjoy the holidays is the best feeling they have ever had. Spending your Thanksgiving with your family or Halloween with your friends or spending Christmas with your loved ones, Just the thought of it is enough to fill your mind with pleasure ...

How to Get Your CBD Ads Approved On Facebook & Instagram

If you don't know already, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) of America has approved the use of CBD in 2018 for treating two rare types of childhood epilepsy. Due to its medical utilities, CBD now has high cravings in the medical industry and the market related to medical industries. The ...

The Natural Wonders of a Cannabis-Infused Mushroom Product

Cannabis and magic mushrooms are currently popular. These two natural remedies, which were once considered "hippie drugs," have recently regained popularity as a form of recreational relaxation. Cannabis legalization is sweeping the United States and other countries, and it is now spreading to the ...

Cannabis Boosting Performance for Weight Loss and Exercise

Everyone knows that you need to get enough sleep, eat healthily, and exercise with weight loss. Yet, cardio and resistance training helps with all and is excellent for your heart health. While endurance workouts help with the endocannabinoid system. Great, but what does cannabis have to do with ...

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